” We don’t see our drivers as just drivers. They really are carers. They are there to support and assist, to carry bags, to walk people in and out of places, and really go that extra mile. and the idea is also to give people the same driver each time whenever we can. “

ORCODA CONNECT is also a rideshare service so people can travel with friends, housemates or fellow residents.  The fact that all Orcoda Connect vehicles are the same adds to the accessibility because people do not have to acclimatise to different vehicle types… Evaluations are currently underway for vehicles with wheelchair access.. and these could be added to the fleet in future as Orcoda Connect expands.

Orcoda Connect has been involved with transport projects for the past 20 years.  In a past project, Orcoda managed approx 6,000 people movements per day, and a new protect may realise around 10,000 movements per day.

– ORCODA CONNECT Drivers really care, they are qualified and locally recruited
– Orcoda Connect is an Australian company looking after OUR seniors, veterans and disabled persons.
– Door to Door and Walk in Assistance (into reception, waiting areas etc) … “We drop you off, walk you into where you are shopping, then we come back and get you at a pre-booked time. Say in one hour. We can then come back into the store and carry your bags, should they be heavy or unwieldy.” Greg Khan GM, Orcoda Connect
– We are all about Inclusion. Going to social activities, clubs, parks, community centres, chess, card games with friends etc. all subject to COVID restrictions of course.
– We want to help our clients visit friends or relatives, not just medical trips. We can quote for longer trips.
– Orcoda Connect is an NDIS provider who transports NDIS clients with direct billing through to your NDIS account.

Safe, Assisted, Personalised Transportation. We don’t just care where you go, we care how you get there.
Our trained and accredited drivers walk the extra mile with you.

Speak To A Coordinator for information about our service or for assistance to sign up, call:

1300 567 417.